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Enoki Mushroom

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Farming cooperative Jungbu Mushroom Farm helps customers’ dream come true.

Enoki mushroom are long, thin white mushrooms used in Asian cuisines, particularly those of Korea, China and Japan. They are traditionally used for soups, but can also be used for salads and other dishes.
They have a crisp texture. Enoki mushroom grows widely over the world from the warm region to the cold region. It naturally grows on the stumps of the hackberry tree in bundle, but also on some other trees as for example mulberry and persimmon trees. Growing in colder season from late autumn to early spring, It is sometimes called 'winter mushroom'.

There is a significant difference in appearance between the wild and the cultivated mushrooms. Cultivated mushrooms are not exposed to the light resulting in a white color, whereas wild mushrooms usually have a dark brown color. The cultivated mushrooms are grown
in a high carbon dioxide environment to produce long thin stems, whereas wild mushrooms produce a much shorter and thicker stem.

The cultivation of the mushroom in Korea is known to be originated from Japan in 1899. At that time, the mushroom was produced at persimmon wood.
What is interesting is Korean pronunciation of the mushroom is same as that of toy top ( Paengi), which makes Korean misunderstand that the mushroom has relationship with top.


Enoki mushroom is popular in Korea, China, Japan and the United States. It contains many nutriments, thus very useful to supplement the insufficient nutrition of customers caused by instant foods and drinks.

Enoki mushroom contains plenty of carbohydrate, protein, essential amino acids, dietary fiber ^nd inorganic matters. Vitamin B1 and B2 in the mushroom helps promote antibiotic metabolism and regulate bfood pressure of the body, and protein polysaccharide, which is abundant in the mushroom, prevents eancer and improves blood flow.

Research conducted at Nagano prefecture in Japan, where the mushroom is very popular at the table, shows how it helps improve blood circulation and prevent cancers. According to the research jointly conducted by Nagano Agro-industrial Institute and Nagano Women's University, those who had taken 100g of the mushroom everyday for a week showed much improved blood circulation time of average 49.5 seconds compared to average 57.3 seconds of those who had not taken the mushroom. The research also reported that families in Nagano prefecture who had taken enoki mushroom one or two times a week had about a half of the risk of cancer, especially on stomach cancer, cancer of esophagus and pancreatic cancer, against the families who had not taken the mushroom.

  • Vitamin
    Enoki mushroom contains a lot of Vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. Insufficient vitamin B1 and B2 in the body makes people easily tired and loose appetite. It can also generate glossitis, chelitis, dermatitis and beriberi.
  • Amino acids
    About 180mg of luecine and 137mg of arginine, very useful amino acids for the development of cerebrum of children, is included in 100g of Enoki mushroom, among other 16 essential amino acids in eokotake.
  • Sugar
    Sugar included in enoki is two types; one is saccharide such as trehalose which tastes sweet, the other is sugar alcohol such as manatol and arabitol. Protein polysaccaharide abundant in the mushroom is known to anticancer agent. Enoki mushroom has 81.15 of prevention rate

As one of the most favorite and popular mushrooms, enoki has many remarkable benefits. It is good for development of children's brain proper, overcoming fatigue, easing stress, skin caring, diet, adult diseases and cancers.

  • Q mushroom
    Enoki mushroom, containing 18 essential amino acids including arginine and leucin which is good for children's brain development, improves memory and Intelligence when taken for a long period. Thus, the mushroom is sometimes called 'mushroom making children brilliant' or 'IQ mushroom', and regarded as essential food for making the children bright. It is one of the recommended foods for Alzheimer patient.
  • Growth-promoting mushroom
    Enoki mushroom is effective in growth of young children, especially good for undernourished kids, thank to such essential amino acids as leucin and metionine in the mushroom. It is helpful to increase children's weight as well as height.
  • Easing stress and fatigue
    Enoki mushroom contains more than four times of Vitamin B1, which is called vitamin of refreshment, than average vegetables, thus effectively ease the fatigue and stress of the people. Vitamin B1 is good for urbanites who take much fat, sugar and liquor.
  • Diet mushroom
    With low calorie and rich dietary fiber, enoki is very good for diet and appetite control. Vitamin', a famous TV show in Korea on health has selected mushroom as one of ten must-take foods of Korean.
  • Skin care and anti-aging effect
    Enoki mushroom is effective for skin caring and anti-aging.
  • Prevention of cancers and adult diseases
    As enoki contains abundant amino acids, vitamins and enzymes, the mushroom not only improves liver function and gastric ulcer but also prevents diabetic, high blood pressue and arteriosclerosis by lowering cholesterol in the blood vessels.
  • Improving immunity
    Enoki mushroom is effective in treating and preventing the diseases caused by poor immunity. Improving respiratory and intestinal function noki mushroom helps enhance respiratory function and smooth movement of intestine. It is good to anyone regardless of the physical temper.
  • Promoting metabolism
    Effectively vitalizing muscle and promoting metabolism of the body, enoki mushroom improves digestion and utilization of various nutriments.
  • Preventing rickets and restricting osteoporosis
    By promoting growth of bones and teeth, the mushroom prevents rickets and restricts osteoporosis. Antibiotic and antiphlogistic function
    Antibiotic and antiphlogistic elements are contained in the stems and poles of the enoki mushroom.